Daan Boom

"My friends describe me as an eccentric, creative, chaotic person. There is always a multitude of things happening around me. I just like so many things and therefore say 'yes' to (too) many things. This is also a pitfall because I never get really good at one thing, I often have double appointments in my calendar and during one project my head is already on the next one. Fortunately, I have many kind people around me who understand me and help me with this."  

From a creative nest 

My passion for theater and filmmaking was unmistakable from an early age. At thirteen, I started creating my first projects. Just because I took this passion so seriously, my parents have always supported me in my choices. This creativity did not come from a stranger; my one grandfather was a photographer for the Rotterdam newspaper and my other grandfather had a side job as a mime. To add to the picture, my parents met on stage. 

The Gent with Daan Boom
Double breasted linen tailored suit

To study or not to study?

I didn't study, and that still raised some questions when I was young. Study can be very nice if you want to become a doctor, for example, but that is not true for every career path. Many people want to get a degree; that provides a certain security, especially if you have a house or children to support. I would advise young people to do what makes them happy. Research what used to make your heart leap. And above all, don't be afraid to make the wrong choice, because you're never too old to switch. 

The Dean was born out of genuine curiosity and a passion for hip-hop.

Rap career as The Dean 

The highlight of my career is my club tour with The Dean which sold out within 24 hours. Then suddenly you're in a full Tivoli with people singing along to your music and giving you the confidence that you really are a rapper. I felt understood. Precisely because I am that 'funny guy from StreetLab,' people still sometimes have the idea that I want to make fun of rapping. But The Dean was born out of genuine curiosity and a passion for hip-hop. I've been making music for a long time, and I think hip-hop is just a really cool and inspiring form of expressing yourself.

With my rap career, I really hope to make a big hit or collaborate with an American artist. I want to see how far we can get with The Dean and go all the way. After all, starting a rap career also seemed impossible at first. My big examples in this are Ricky Gervais, Donald Glover and Lil Dicky. They managed to combine their different passions with making music. 

The Gent with Daan Boom Three-piece suit with waistcoat | Michael & Giso

On a retirement chair on the sidewalk

In all the busyness I sometimes long to sit in a pensionado chair, you know one of those luxurious garden chairs. I put it on the sidewalk, and I sit there shirtless, with a white beer and a book. Not that I read that book, because I only want to read those classics and then after three pages I have already forgotten what I was reading. A few times a year I can find the time to create such a moment of rest. Furthermore, I find relaxation in my soccer team. I try to attend training twice a week and, of course our annual team weekend. By the way, I recently started going to the gym, because unfortunately, my tailored clothes started to get a little tighter.

You can buy expensive clothes but still not really have your own style.

Dark Blue and Gray Bespoke Suit | Michael & Giso
Michael: "Besides the similarities of our character and work life, Daan and I have a similar view on fashion. Be unique and progressive, and also dare a little. These days no one wants to stand out, so I'm glad there are people like Daan who do."

Confidence in what I wear 

I am not afraid to wear outspoken outfits. Gender does not play a role in this for me, so I can also put on women's blouses. To me, a well-dressed man is someone who clearly has his own style. You can buy expensive clothes but still not really have your own style. My style is eclectic; by combining different styles and movements I create a striking whole. I also have a song about this called bohemian eclectic. Like my work, my wardrobe is eclectic. 

For the The Dean, for example, I wear a lot of baggy clothes, bucket head, Versace glasses and vintage stuff. But I can greatly appreciate tailored pants and loafers. As you can imagine, I have a fairly large closet. My style also changes with fashion. Where I used to wear more slim fit suits, it is now more oversized, high waist and jackets with wide lapels. That's why sometimes things have to go, then I sell them or give them to charity. 

Italian suit with peaked reverbs in Old Pink | Michael & Giso

Don't wear the HUB Shoe

People can dress well, but often you can tell by the shoes whether someone has real taste. I want to keep the average Dutch man from wearing the HUB shoe. That is sort of a cross between a leather sneaker and a proper men's shoe. And for the winter also with fur inside. To me, that shoe is symbolic of the style of the average Dutch man. Most men are not looking to stand out, so I understand why they go along with the crowd. But I would think it would be cool if more people dared to make an eye-catching choice. 

When I am having a bad day, I compensate with clothes and pull out a three-piece suit.

Dopamine Dressing in blue 

I decide what outfit to wear based on the appointment I have but also on my mood. If I'm not in a good mood, I compensate with clothes and pull out a three-piece suit. Then I look in the mirror and at least I still look good. I prefer dark blue items because they look good on me and can be worn in any setting. For every occasion, I would prefer to wear my dark blue high waist every day, but I don't dare to do that with my tailored pants, for example, because then they wear out faster than the jacket.

Three-Piece Suit Daan Boom | Michael & Giso
Interview with Daan Boom


I got in touch with Michael & Giso in 2019 when I needed a suit for my theater show. I was wearing a tuxedo during my performance and I had it custom-made at the time. That was my first experience with tailoring, and I think that's one of the most fun things to do in terms of clothing; just from scratch, picking fabrics together, incorporating initials and putting together a unique outfit. Especially when you do it with people who have knowledge and expertise. 

The Gent with Daan Boom Theater | Michael & Giso

Dilemmas with Daan

  • Loafers or sneakers? Loafers
  • Rapping or presenting? Rapping
  • Blue suit or pink suit? Blue suit
  • Exercise every day or cold shower every day? Exercise every day
  • YouTube or Television? YouTube
  • Tie or bow tie? Tie
  • the Record Store or the FOMO Show? Difficult, but then I still choose my friends; the FOMO Show. 
  • Terraces or extended dining? Extensive dining
  • Slim fit or oversized? Oversized
  • Never choosing your own outfit or never in front of a camera again? Depends on who picks the outfit. My girlfriend I can trust. 
  • Jasper or Tobias? Nice try, but that's like choosing between mom and dad.