Pitti Uomo 104 - Burnt orange tailored outfit

Pitti Uomo 104: A recap of the trends and outfits

It was a very special sight during Pitti Uomo 104 in Florence. Every six months thousands of style icons, buyers, journalists, and enthusiasts come together in Florence for four days for this menswear fair to get inspiration for the upcoming season. Our tailors also traveled to sunny Italy and are happy to tell you more about their experience. 

What is Pitti Uomo?

Pitti Uomo is a semi-annual men's fashion fair in Florence that presents a lot of gentleman's wardrobe inspiration. Every year in January they organize a winter edition and every June they present the summer trends. Pitti Uomo is not just an excuse for well-dressed men to sit on a wall enjoying espresso and gelato, the fair attracts retailers, editors, tailors, buyers, and menswear enthusiasts from around the world because of its expertise, creativity, and forward-thinking attitude.

Although Pitti Uomo is conceptually no different from other shows or fairs, the exhibitors and the size of this four-day event are what distinguishes them. With 59,000m2 of exhibition space and more than a thousand brands, the event offers endless possibilities in menswear.

The theme: Pitti Games 

Once again this year, Florence's Fortezza da Basso district was transformed into a living catwalk. In addition to events, meetings and exhibitions, the streets of Florence fill up every edition with visitors who look so stylish and put together. The result is an impressive street scene. A feast for the eyes, even if you have nothing to do with fashion! 

The theme of Pitti Uomo 104 was Pitti Games. Games, that's the keyword. Chess boards, cards, dice, and other graphic game elements were the inspiration for this year's set. For example, there was a life-size ball pit full of black balls. With this, Pitti encourages having fun, taking risks, and devising strategies. Moreover, play refers to a challenging and creative dimension, full of energy, dedication, and a desire to succeed. 

Pitti Uomo 104 Streets of Florence | Michael & Giso
Pitti Uomo 104 Pinstripe suit double breasted | Michael & Giso

Pitti Uomo 104 and sustainability

The worlds of design and sustainability are converging. No surprise that at Pitti Uomo 104 we see more and more accessories and outfits based on biodegradable materials, post-production waste or all-natural materials. Menswear is distancing itself from excesses and over-the-top looks and embracing timeless essentials and classics. After all, it's a lot more sustainable when you can wear items for a long time. That's also why mix and match skills were put to full use again. 

According to our Tailor Tycho, we are going back to the timeless classics but in a comfortable way. Think of items like the trench coat, body warmer and the double breasted jacket. The suit is measured loosely, while the waist of the pants and jacket remain tightly fitted. For the pants we see more of a straight fit, this means that the bottom is a bit wider than we are used to and the emphasis is less on the hips and thighs. The fabric should fall over you like a loose drape and not be too tight. 

Pitti Uomo 104 Historic city of Florence | Michael & Giso
Pitti Uomo 104 70s inspired outfit | Michael & Giso
Pitti Uomo 104 Pleaded Trousers e1687175766485 | Michael & Giso

Colors and fabrics on the street

In line with the timeless and sustainable character of the outfits, the color palette consists of essential basics. Think beige, shades of gray, blue and green in solid or faded stripes. Both dark blue and grayish blue are popular. Tycho expects that beige is currently at its peak and will be replaced by pastel shades in the coming years. All this, of course, in 100% natural or recycled materials, such as linen, cotton, silk and cashmere. In knitwear, we will see more structure and depth. 

Pitti Uomo 104 Streetstyle in Florence | Michael & Giso
Pitti Uomo 104 Summery pinstripe suit | Michael & Giso
Pitti Uomo 104 Giorgio Giangiulio | Michael & Giso

Superstyling at Pitti Uomo 104

Pitti Uomo 104 was all about Superstyling. Superstyling refers to an experimental and out-of-the-box attitude in terms of style and materials resulting in an aesthetic image. In this concept, both mix and match and playing games come together nicely; use existing items, create combinations and play with them. It is a response to today's versatile expressive demands but also a sustainable and creative way to create your wardrobe. 

Gallery: The street scene of Florence

Together with our photographer Jeroen Noordzij, we flew to Florence. He captured both the atmosphere of Pitti Uomo 104 and the over-the-top outfits of the visitors. He has been traveling with us for several years now, which is no surprise because his authentic way of photographing perfectly matches the creative and stylish character of this fair. Follow us on Instagram for more Pitti Uomo content!

Design your tailor-made outfit

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Photography: Jeroen Noordzij

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