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Trend Alert: Men's fashion trends fall 2023

Some men can't wait for the cozy, winter season to arrive, while others can't get enough of summer temperatures. Fall is coming again and that means: adios summer wardrobe, welcome back fall and winter wardrobe. I think every season has its charm, of which of course new menswear trends are a part. To prepare you for the cold days, I like to tell you all about menswear trends fall 2023.

1. Loose fit

The trend around the loose fit will undoubtedly not have escaped your notice. With both pants and jackets, we see the casual, baggy trend returning. Also this fall it doesn't have to be a tight fit, as we already saw at Pitti Uomo 103, and the comfortable and oversized fit will show its face. However, the items are meant to fit your body shape, so at the waist it may be a bit tighter. Do you doubt whether you should go for a tailored suit with a loose fit and would you like more advice about this? Then I advise you to get advice from an experienced tailor.

loose fit tailor-made suit
Menswear trends fall 2023

2. Overshirt

The overshirt is the timeless item you need in your wardrobe this fall. It is the perfect mix of a jacket and a shirt. Known as a practical and sturdy item, the overshirt can be recognized by its large pockets. The overshirt is easy to wear over a shirt or a warm merino sweater. In the fall, choose a warm fabric such as flannel, denim or corduroy. The nice thing about an overshirt is that during the warmer autumnal days you can wear this item as an overcoat and at lower temperatures wear it as a jacket. In short: a real favorite!

overshirt corduroy fall wardrobe

3. Flannel 

In autumn, temperatures can still vary a bit. Therefore, it is important that your outfit consists of several layers. This way you can go out the door warm in the morning, and then take off your jacket and overcoat later in the day. The perfect fabric to wear as a carpet pad and definitely falls under this fall's menswear trends is the flannel shirt. Flannel is a type of wool that is brushed in a special way that creates a soft and elegant look. Let your eye fall on a dark blue, gray or off-white flannel shirt and you have an important fall essential of fall 2023.

4. Cashmere Knitwear

The cashmere sweater is without a doubt an item that should not be missing from the list of menswear trends fall 2023. Cashmere is an animal-friendly type of wool that comes from the undercoat of the cashmere goat from the eponymous area that runs through India, Pakistan and China. The fibers of this wool are tremendously supple and soft, making it a wonderful fabric to wear during the fall season. This stylish sweater is available in dark green, dark blue and sand colors, among others, and is sure to be a stylish eye-catcher for fall 2023.

cashmere knitwear with slacks and jacket
jacket customization with plaid

5. Color trends

We conclude the list of "menswear trends fall 2023" with a topic that should not be missed: color trends. The lighter and fresh summer colors will give way to the warmer fall color tones. Among others, rust color, beige, reddish brown, terracottas, ochre yellow and earth tones will be seen in the stylish men's wardrobe, and I understand all too well why. These colors are easy to mix and match and can be worn both formally and casually.

rust shades color trends fall

Are you inspired by the menswear trends fall 2023 and want to make your wardrobe fall ready? Then schedule an appointment with one of our tailors to see how you can upgrade your fall wardrobe.