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Dress code tips: wedding guests at a winter wedding

Getting married in the winter months is becoming increasingly popular. In these colder months, you also have to deal with different dress codes. Get inspired and find out what is appropriate to wear, as a guest, during an off season wedding

Of course, it may be that no dress code is indicated. In that case, I personally would always go for festive chic. Pull out your best clothes that you feel comfortable in. And no, this does not mean your jeans and worn out sneakers! For a winter wedding you can go wild with fabrics. It can all be a bit more robust, also in terms of colors. You don't have to think only of dark blue, but instead think of deep fall colors. Consider this fall's color trends, such as: burgundy, dark green or brown. Want to really make a statement with the latest trends? Then consider incorporating the color terra into your outfit.

Dress code: black tie

This is perhaps the most famous dress code. Now this dress code has the necessary etiquette, but nowadays you can deviate from it quite a bit. For example, you can choose a velvet tuxedo or a winter color, such as burgundy or dark blue. At least it doesn't have to be that sleek classic black tux anymore. But of course you know the bride and groom better than anyone, are they very fond of formal classical? Then stick to the etiquette and choose a black tuxedo. Of course, the black bow tie should not be missing from your tuxedo under any circumstances, regardless of whether you deviate a bit from etiquette.

black tie dress code bow | Michael & Giso

Dress code: winter chic

You guessed it, this is the winter version of 'summer chic'. Especially in winter, there are certain color trends that you should definitely not overlook when attending a winter wedding. Whereas with the summer chic theme you see a lot of pastels and faded shades, with a winter wedding you can well opt for saturated colors. Think deep dark green, dark red or a full color of dark gray. With this theme, you don't have to go all-out formal. A pair of slacks with a jacket and shirt can suffice. Just make sure you always wear neat shoes and your shirt is properly ironed. Want to add a little something extra to the outfit? You can do so with suspenders, tie or bow tie to match the outfit.

dress code winter wedding red brown tailored suit | Michael & Giso

"If you're going to a winter wedding with in a formal atmosphere, then it's best to leave out very conspicuous colors".

Dress code: classic

If you are going to a winter wedding with a formal atmosphere, then it is better to leave out very striking colors. In that case the groom will probably choose an elegant three-piece tailored suit. As a guest, if you also choose three-piece, you run the risk of outshining the groom. Of course, you don't want this! My advice would be; choose a neat dark blue suit, with the perfect fit, through this you can wear a neat shirt with a matching tie, finally, a handkerchief is definitely in place and of course neat polished men's shoes.

classic dress code blue tailored suit tie | Michael & Giso

Dress code: vintage

We probably all know it, the series Peaky Blinders and the suits they wear. Besides the series Suits, this is one of the few contemporary series with such an impact on contemporary trends. The band pleat is back in fashion and we are seeing more and more shades of brown coming back, thanks to Peaky Blinders. Is this your theme? Then you can definitely go all out. Even think of a three-piece suit. But of course you can also just wear a waistcoat with a striking pattern and pants with pleats, which should certainly not be missing with this theme.

vintage peaky blinders dress code | Michael & Giso

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